The X-Files Revival Trailer

The trailer for the X-Files revival dropped yesterday. Well, a longer one.

I finally watched it. And while I am not 100% sold on the revival, I have a tiny amount of excitement – if only for the words “We have a small problem” (chills!!!)  and that cigarette wielding hand.

So here’s the thing. I love the X-Files.  Well, 1990s X-Files.  I have seen every single episode of the original series a multitude of times.  I watched the original flick.  I faithfully watched very short-lived The Lone Gunmen series. One of my most prized possessions is a photo of myself with William B. Davis*. Hell, unlike a lot of folks, I even genuinely loved Agent John Doggett when Robert Patrick came on the show to replace Duchovny.

But when the show jumped the shark with the awful Mulder/Scully romance-y business… and that kid… It made me so angry.  Ask AvD.  I still rage when she brings up the X-Files.  I never, not-once ‘shipped Mulder/Scully and it annoyed (continues to annoy?) the piss out of me when other people did and when Chris Carter ended up doing it? Well, I was so MAD!

When the show ended, it was bittersweet.  I missed the show, but I had grown so disenchanted with the two lead characters (especially when Mulder came back) that I wasn’t sad to see it go.  And my annoyance was so powerful that I flat out REFUSED to see the flick that came out in 2008.  I figured it was a cash grab. And I, in fact, still haven’t seen it.

Now, I am slowly warming to the idea of a new series. Very slowly. Like tortoise pace.  And its not because I particularly care about Mulder and Scully – cuz I don’t. At all. Its more the other characters that I miss. With the promise of Cancer Man, Skinner and my Lone Gunmen making appearances (Uhm, Krycek? Please?), I am thawing on my No-X-Files reboot hardline and may actually watch it in January.

But I’ll tell you this…. one smoochy between Mulder and Scully? And we will be friends off again! 😉

*CSM and Krycek are my favourites and will always be my favourites. 


Uhm, Heathers the Musical..?!


It’s confessional time!

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE Heathers the film.  I will thunderdome anyone who says anything negative about it because it is so much a part of my existence (I am look at you, DR! 😉 ) And I adore the music from the musical.  I am very excited to be a part of the production that Cappuccino Theatre is putting on early next year.  So, in spite of not seeing the stage production yet, there is already much love for this musical.

But then….

I started watching a bootleg version of the original stage production on the Youtubes.

Friends, I can not tell a lie. I am barely into Act I and I am BORED TO DEATH (no pun intended).  The characterizations are weird – especially Veronica. She is more of a bubblehead that I am comfortable with. The blocking and choreography are so boring (especially given the source material). And the stagecraft? Ugh, it is so visually dull and uninspiring.  I mean, they got the Heathers-Cubed and Veronica colour palette right, but that’s about it.

And don’t get me started on JD. Just don’t.

I feel bad saying that it is boring or anything negative – especially since the music is so amazing and its, well, Heathers.  But man. It hurts my brain and my soul.

On the flipside, this just means that our version is going to be FRICKING amazing in comparison.  Especially given who is on our team. Most of the people on the team couldn’t make an ugly, boring, or uninspiring show if their lives depended on it, so, yah, it will be rad.   That fills me with hope.

Because, that original production…. dang.

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Change on the Horizon

A couple of days ago, word finally arrived that I was getting laid off.  They are relocating my role to the corporate head office in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It’s something that I had been expecting on and off since about March so it came as no great surprise.  And the timing? Well, probably perfect. I have been unhappy in my position for a while, there was no room for growth and I needed a change. I have been doing the same thing for the last seven years.   This is the nudge I need.

So, while getting laid off is always kind of sucky, I am happy.  My severance package is acceptable, I don’t have to travel to train my replacement, and I am going to spend much of my remaining time working from home.  My last day is October 15th so I have just under a month to get all of my ducks in a row and figure out my next move.

And therein lies my problem.

I know I need a career change. Lately, I have been very unhappy doing what I am doing. The only reason that I haven’t left sooner is because of the stable pay cheque and it was safe.* But now that isn’t a safety net, I need to re-evaluate.   I know this will be an on-going process, but I think my current plan is threefold:

1. Find a job.  Obviously. Likely in a similar field/role that I am currently in.  This is short term to handle the human requirements – food, shelter, paying my credit card bills. I might even consider doing some temp/contract work.  Not sure.  Luckily, its just me that I have to worry about.

2. Education. I decided a while ago that becoming a Project Manager is probably a good idea.  With my small amount of experience producing shows, I think I could be a really good Project Manager. It isn’t industry dependent and you can make a decent living as a successful Project Manager.  But I lack formal education and experience.  There are certificate programs through SAIT, U of C or Mount Royal that I could do through Continuing Education.  However, this is entirely contingent on #1 – I have to pay for tuition/books somehow.  Thankfully, however, it is not contingent on a huge time commitment as most of the classes are workshop based. I could possibly have the certificate completed in a short couple of months. So there is that.

3. Art business. I would very much like to resurrect my art business. I have a very strong desire to be a creator and art maker who is in charge of my own creative destiny.  This one is a bit foggier. Mostly because I do not know what a resurrected art business would look like.  It is something that I need to consider, research and plan.  It would be a side business for sure. But planning on the front end will help eliminate headaches on the back end.  Taking some classes at ACAD probably wouldn’t be a bad thing either.  They have some certificate programs for Illustration and Graphic Design that I might be interested down the road. You can’t have too much education, right?

Now, I get it.  All three are kind of loosey-goosey – some more than others.  They are high level ideas that require a lot more thought and research before any of them are ready to be implemented.  But its good to start thinking about these things now.   The refinements can come later.

All I know is that this is just the first step in the on-going journey of trying to figure out what I wanna do when I grow up. Especially since apparently no one will pay me to play video games, watch flicks and oogle my Tom Hardy.

*The job market in Calgary isn’t awesome right now.

JCS Shenanigans!

Ah! Jesus Christ Superstar shenanigans!  This video makes me so happy! This was one of my hardest and most rewarding experiences on a show so far (mostly cuz it was my first time producing). I learned so much and met all of these crazy, wonderful humans.  I can’t wait to see a bunch of them on Friday!

So yah, it was tough, but I definitely look back with fondness…especially when I have this kinda stuff to remind me. 🙂

Slackcation 2015

My last two weeks? About 75% of my time has been spent slacking. It has been filled mostly with binge-watching OZ (I love you, Kareem Saïd and Ryan O’Reily!) and playing Final Fantasy XIV. Yah, there has been work, some running (up to 3 and 1s!) and some production meetings, but mostly…..? Slacking.  And I am not even going to apologize for it.  So the last two weeks have been like a brief staycation from responsibility.  It has been awesome.

I even managed to read 5 books. Like REAL books. Without pictures and everything.  Ok, they are YA books – I plowed through the Hunger Games series and the first two books of the Divergent series (I’m on the last book and should be done soon)! But whatever, it totally counts!  It just showed me how much I have missed reading and that I love my tablet. I even have queue of novels that I wanna read after I am done Allegiant.  Excited!

Sadly, my slackcation is at an end because I need to become a really-real adult again and get to work on some roughs for Drood and The Sleeping Beauty.

Being a grown-up is hard.

RIP Luke – you are already missed, my friend.

Stonewall Trailer

Really looking forward to this one too. Gads, I hope its good.

But is it just me or is it wacky that Roland Emmerich directed it? I mean, its great, but really, really outside his regular milieau, no?

Deadpool Trailer. Finally

Guys! Its here! Its finally here! Behold. The red band trailer! Obviously, NSFW.

Also? Here’s the trailer for the trailer that came out yesterday! 😀

Gads, I can not wait for this flick.

Week One of Low FODMAPs

So its been just over a week since I started this low FODMAPs thing. So far, so good.  I am cooking for myself – mostly three meals a day (plus some snacks). Crazy, right?  There have been a few lazy days where I wake up really late which throws my food schedule out the window. But all in all, I have been pretty consistent.  I am have been mostly low FODMAPs.  There were a few dinners out that I am not entirely sure were low FODMAPs – but I tried to make them as low as possible. At home, I have been really good – except for the small intake of freezies that happened when I was craving something sweet. I have since picked up some sorbet so that I can shove a spoon in that if it happens again.

Still, I think I am feeling good.  I mean, I am feeling good.  Better for sure.   But I am not 100% certain I am tip-top yet.  I think perhaps after another week I will be able gauge it a bit better. I hope.

In addition to my dietary successes, I also started my Learn-to-Run clinic last week.  It was a great week – though, I am not 100% sold on my Clinic Leader.  She’s a sweet enough girl and clearly this is her first time running the clinic.  But, we have had two “clinic” days where we are supposed to have a 20 to 30 minute lecture about running, but so far, we haven’t had a single one. Instead, we just received a cut n’ paste email about running in the heat.  I know she is new, but I didn’t just pay to run, I paid to LEARN to run.  This involves information.  But in saying this, it’s very likely that I am just being a frugal, grumpy old lady.  🙂

The runs themselves have been great. I’m not fast, but I am not slow.  My body seems to be adjusting relatively well.  No super sore days.  I am taking advantage of the run club that meets on Wednesdays and Sundays. It keeps me motivated and ensures that I get at least three in a week.   Tomorrow, however, is going to be my first day that I try running on my own (I can’t make run club due to an FRC board meeting).  It will be interesting to see how I do on my own.

I also signed up for my first 5K in over 10 years. I am doing the Halloween Night Race on October 24th – I think ELL and AvD might do it with me.  Can’t wait!

FODMAP… huh?

Yesterday, I had my very first appointment with a registered dietician, RH.  First, she’s fantastic. She’s very down to earth.  She doesn’t bullshit and she curses like a sailor just like I do. I appreciate that. We had a great discussion about what I eat (which is crap on top of crap), my upcoming learn-to-run program, how to address my Subway addiction, and how to examine the digestive issues that have been plaguing me.  At this point, we are pretty sure that I have IBS.  So, there’s a little bit of TMI for you on this fine Tuesday afternoon. 😉

Starting July 27th (thankfully AFTER DD’s bachelorette), I am going on an exclusion diet, FODMAP*, for four weeks. While it is a gluten-free diet, it mostly address the fructose in my diet – which is a major contributor to malabsorption which is one of the primary culprits for IBS.  RH has provided me with a list of foods that I can eat and a list of foods that I need to stay away from for the four weeks.  After which time, we will start to reintroduce food back into my diet.

Overall, there are more foods that I CAN eat than I can’t, so I am not overly concerned at this point.  But if I can stay away from Subway for a month, it will be a feat!

RH will be monitoring my progress through MyFitnessPal (which will be less about calorie counting – that’s always been a problem for me – and more about macronutrients) so I will have some support while I am doing this.

I am looking forward to it because I am so tired of feeling like crap all of the time.  Its just another step into improving my quality of life.  Next, I should probably address that insomnia thing…

*My plan is similiar but slightly different to this one.