…That Time I Met Cancer Man

In honour of the X-Files revival that starts tonight (!!), I give you this – one of my most prized possessions.

That, my friends, is a 25 year old me that time that AvD and I met William B. Davis, everyone’s favourite Cigarette Smoking Man.  It was at MacEwan Hall Ballroom for a spoken word event circa February 1999. I have a vague recollection of him discussing science, physics and all sorts of smart things.  We had the opportunity for a meet-n-greet after.  He was so very KIND and SWEET. Nothing like his infamous character at all and thus, secured him as one of my favourites for all time.  He signed our tickets and took a photo with each of us.  I was so excited and nervous!

I have a shit eating grin in the photo. But in my head, all I could think was:


It was amazing and he was amazing! And I can’t wait to see him in the revival!  I know AvD is excited about seeing her Duchovny in the suit. Me? I am all about Mr. William B. Davis! Can’t wait!

Farewell, Moffat!

Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat is FINALLY leaving Doctor Who.

If you know me, you know that I think Steven Moffat is a fantastic writer, but an absolute shit show runner.  He has given the Whoiverse some of the BEST episodes ever written. Both in Who and in the science fiction genre as a whole. He gives Joss Whedon a run for his money. “Blink”, “The Silence in the Library”, “The Forest of the Dead” and “The Empty Child” are brilliant pieces of television.    He also introduced Captain Jack Harkness and River Song (who upon initial introduction was a fantastically wonderful character despite what happened to her in later seasons).    He was one of the strongest resources in the Who writer toolbox since the first season of the 2005 reboot.

After Russell T. Davies left and Moffat took over as show runner, well, things changed.  Now, yes, full disclosure, David Tennant‘s Ten is my Doctor and will always be my Doctor. So I adore anything that RTD gave us – even the schmalz-y ‘shippy stuff.  So when Moffat took over, well, Who was not really my Who anymore.  Yes, Matt Smith‘s Eleven was fantastic (and in my opinion, much darker than Peter Capaldi‘s Twelve*) and I loved Eleven almost as much as Ten. And because of Matt Smith’s portrayal of Eleven, I continued to persevere with Moffat’s Who.

But I dunno, things changed.  The storylines became unnecessarily confusing and convoluted, time was way too timey-wimey, a bit of misogyny started to rear its head, River Song was absolutely decimated as a character, Clara/The Impossible Girl was a wasted opportunity, and so on.  I even thought with the addition as Capaldi’s Twelve that things might improve, but instead it got worse. By the time, my viewing of the second episode of Season 8 had finished, I just could not support Moffat anymore. I continued to watch, but would complain after almost every episode.  It hurt my heart to be so annoyed and upset with a show that I loved so much. I was counting the episodes until he announced his departure.

And today he did.  After next season (which, unfortunately, won’t air until 2017), Moffat will depart and Chris Chibnall** will be taking over. I am ecstatic about this.  I loved both Broadchurch (gads, it was SO good) and Torchwood.  I think he will breathe much needed life into the series.  I can’t wait!

As for Moffat, he was an abysmal fit for Doctor Who, but his tenure running Sherlock has been nothing short of AMAZING.  “The Adominable Bride” was absolutely brilliant and the creative collective between himself, Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is GLORIOUS.  It just keeps getting better and better which is not something I could say about Doctor Who.  So now that he is stepping out of the TARDIS, I wait with bated breath for him to step into 221B Baker Street once more.

Unrelated, if they make that Labyrinth reboot that I have been hearing about all day, I will cut a bitch.

Heath, you are still missed. 🙁  I can’t believe its been eight years.

*Its a fact.  Tears of a clown and all that. Don’t try and argue with me. I will fight you.
**Though, Toby Whithouse would have been even MORE amazing.  But Chibnall is rad.

The X-Files Revival Trailer

The trailer for the X-Files revival dropped yesterday. Well, a longer one.

I finally watched it. And while I am not 100% sold on the revival, I have a tiny amount of excitement – if only for the words “We have a small problem” (chills!!!)  and that cigarette wielding hand.

So here’s the thing. I love the X-Files.  Well, 1990s X-Files.  I have seen every single episode of the original series a multitude of times.  I watched the original flick.  I faithfully watched very short-lived The Lone Gunmen series. One of my most prized possessions is a photo of myself with William B. Davis*. Hell, unlike a lot of folks, I even genuinely loved Agent John Doggett when Robert Patrick came on the show to replace Duchovny.

But when the show jumped the shark with the awful Mulder/Scully romance-y business… and that kid… It made me so angry.  Ask AvD.  I still rage when she brings up the X-Files.  I never, not-once ‘shipped Mulder/Scully and it annoyed (continues to annoy?) the piss out of me when other people did and when Chris Carter ended up doing it? Well, I was so MAD!

When the show ended, it was bittersweet.  I missed the show, but I had grown so disenchanted with the two lead characters (especially when Mulder came back) that I wasn’t sad to see it go.  And my annoyance was so powerful that I flat out REFUSED to see the flick that came out in 2008.  I figured it was a cash grab. And I, in fact, still haven’t seen it.

Now, I am slowly warming to the idea of a new series. Very slowly. Like tortoise pace.  And its not because I particularly care about Mulder and Scully – cuz I don’t. At all. Its more the other characters that I miss. With the promise of Cancer Man, Skinner and my Lone Gunmen making appearances (Uhm, Krycek? Please?), I am thawing on my No-X-Files reboot hardline and may actually watch it in January.

But I’ll tell you this…. one smoochy between Mulder and Scully? And we will be friends off again! 😉

*CSM and Krycek are my favourites and will always be my favourites. 


Slackcation 2015

My last two weeks? About 75% of my time has been spent slacking. It has been filled mostly with binge-watching OZ (I love you, Kareem Saïd and Ryan O’Reily!) and playing Final Fantasy XIV. Yah, there has been work, some running (up to 3 and 1s!) and some production meetings, but mostly…..? Slacking.  And I am not even going to apologize for it.  So the last two weeks have been like a brief staycation from responsibility.  It has been awesome.

I even managed to read 5 books. Like REAL books. Without pictures and everything.  Ok, they are YA books – I plowed through the Hunger Games series and the first two books of the Divergent series (I’m on the last book and should be done soon)! But whatever, it totally counts!  It just showed me how much I have missed reading and that I love my tablet. I even have queue of novels that I wanna read after I am done Allegiant.  Excited!

Sadly, my slackcation is at an end because I need to become a really-real adult again and get to work on some roughs for Drood and The Sleeping Beauty.

Being a grown-up is hard.

RIP Luke – you are already missed, my friend.

Gifts out of SDCC – Part 2

Today’s goodies!

Con Man Trailer:


Ok, I think this technically came out yesterday, but whatevs. This very well might end up being the BEST SERIES in the HISTORY OF TV and/or THE INTERWEBS. Yah, I said it. Not only does it have a cornucopia of Scifi/Fantasy/Genre people that I adore, but it has Henry Fucking Rollins.  So it wins.


The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer:

Unsure how I feel about this Rick vs. Morgan thing they seem to be setting up. But looks like we are getting Heath and Dr. Cloyd! Perhaps this means Jesus is on his way!  However, I see narry a Lucille in sight. 🙁


Fear The Walking Dead Trailer:

Yay!!!  + my Lucy Lawless!!


Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens Comic-Con 2015 Reel:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No trailer, but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing gave me the CHILLS, made me smile big and not going to lie, may have teared up a teeny tiny bit (yes, I am that much of a dork – don’t judge me!)   Annnnnnnnd, I have already secured a date for the opening! 😀


That’s it for today! It was also Orphan Black Day which gave us this (amongst other things):

That’s Ari Millen as Helena, Maria Doyle Kennedy as Rachel and my Dylan Bruce* as Cosima.  This is one reason I love this cast so much and will always be an unabashed member of #cloneclub.

Related, I am seriously considering going to SDCC next year. This might have to be a thing that happens.

*Currently rewatching OB from the beginning. Seeing Paul hurts my heart. I miss Dylan Bruce SO MUCH already.

Gifts out of SDCC – Part 1

Unless you are living under a rock, you are probably aware that this week is the San Diego Comic Con.  I give you advanced warning that my blog may be riddled with SDCC goodness over the next few days. I can’t be there (maybe next year?!?) so this is my way of drowning my sorrows for my lack of in-person nerd fun over the next few days.

Today’s entries? Some Doctor Who and Sherlock goodness!

Doctor Who Series 9 Teaser Trailer:

Looks like the premiere will be September 19th! Let’s hope this is a world wide premiere date and not just our friends in the UK.

Sherlock: A First Look at the Xmas Special:

Orphan Black Finale [Spoilers]

Orphan Black

So that Orphan Black season finale, History Yet To Be Written.

Man. It was a doozy.   I’m only going to touch on a few things.  I’ll leave it to the pros to dissect the episode and its ramifications for next season.

I will say this though, I am probably the only person in the fandom who could care less about what happened to Delphine.   I have never been interested (or invested) in her as a character.  For me, the only interesting thing about her was her relationship with Cosima and that has more to do with Cosima than it had to do with Delphine.  Is she dead? Who knows.  It wasn’t a head shot, it was a gut shot and as our friend Mr. White tells us But it takes a long time to die from it, I’m taking days… you’re gunna wish you were dead, but it takes a long time to die from your wound, time is on your side….” So maybe she isn’t dead – she probably isn’t.

Honestly, I am more interested in who pulled the trigger.  A part of me is really hoping for an offshoot of the Castor project and we will have ourselves our very own Paul clones (I miss you, Dylan Bruce!)  But that is just wishful thinking and residual angst from the death of Paul – which I DID care about. Still so, so sad. If Delphine is truly gone (doubtful), I feel bad for Cosima, but that’s really about it.  Does that make me a heartless bitch? 😉 It probably does.

If we are going to talk about ‘ships on the show, let’s talk about absolute glee I felt when the garage door opened up and Helena was reunited with her Jesse Towing?  Good on you, Donnie Hendrix, good on you!

Speaking of Helena, the Rudy/Helena cage garage match was amazing.   But the awesome was less about the brutality of either killer, and more about the quiet moments, like when they are both lying on the floor just before Rudy dies.  It was heartbreaking.  It made me want to punch both Tatania Maslany and Ari Millen in the faces.  It was so good! But I am pleased that Mark is still around (at least for the time being) and we aren’t completely out of Castors yet.

And Ferdinand! I am so pleased that they brought James Frain back.  I just adore him in everything he does. His response to the Neolutionists was fantastic.  And the idea of an alliance between Ferdinand and the seestras is amazing.

But the biggest takeaway from this episode? GUYS!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THE WORMS??!

No new episodes until 2016.  Too long to wait, man, too long.  But upside? Perhaps all of those people that I have been extolling the virtues of Orphan Black to will finally start watching this amazing show.  Seriously, its probably one of the best things on teevee right now.  And its Canadian grown. So yay us!