The Overcommitment Monster

I have been debating it for a while, but I am going to retire from props. Well at least temporarily. I need a sabbatical I think. It just doesn’t provide me with the same joy as it used to. Now, don’t get me wrong, when I am building awesome props (like I did for She Kills Monsters – which opens on Friday! Go see it!), I am in the zone and I completely love it. It exercises my problem solving and creative muscles. But prop induced stress, managing props, making props lists, figuring out rehearsal props, working on props budgets, etc. etc. aggravates and bores the shit out of me.  Ugh, I dislike it so much.

Plus, I am overcommitting myself in general. After this season is done, I will have worked on five (possibly six) shows as well as being FRC’s Inventory Director, co-producing FRC Season Launch Gala and designing next season’s show posters. It’s a lot.  And as I am finally learning, way too much.

Next season will be different.  It has to be if my plan for going back to school full-time in the winter semester comes to fruition. Sacrifices will need to be made. The first two will be props and the number of shows I am willing to commit to next season.  Right now, the magic number is three (doing things that aren’t props).  That’s considerably less than what I have done in recent years; however, it’s a necessity. I am starting to burn out which isn’t awesome. I just need to remind myself that I don’t need to do ALL OF THE THINGS – even if a show or project is awesome. It’s ok to just be an audience member. That’s going to be a challenge for me, but one I am determined to meet head on.

In other news, this video is amazing. I can’t wait for May 6th!

Oh, and for those keeping track (or ya know, following me on Tumblr), yes, I am still obsessed with Chris Evans and his magical beard.  Seriously, that beard is DIVINE .

Uhm, Hai?

So yah, its been a while.

For the last few months of 2015, I was in a weird place. On one hand, things were really awesome on the theatre end of things.  Tommy was getting ready to move into the theatre.  Catch Me was cast and started rehearsals. I agreed to prop a proper play called She Kills Monsters about D&D that I am very excited about. I get to make some rad things and the play, itself, pretty much depicts me and my life when I was 22 or 23 years old.  We also decided on the 2016-2017 season for FRC.  It was pretty stellar couple of months on that front.

On the other hand, the remainder of 2015 had me in a really not-so-awesome place. I don’t really discuss mental health or depression or anything like that.  Not here and not really with anyone in my life. I just don’t. Its too private and too in-my-head. It’s too… well, my shit and not anyone else’s.   So I’m not going to change that particular behaviour now. All I will say is that there was a lot of really dark and ugly stuff in my head for the month of December and into the early part of January.  Now, most folks probably wouldn’t have noticed because I am a fucking amazing actress, a great faker, and stunning liar when it comes to putting on a happy face when I am actually in a seemingly endless pit of emotional despair. Still, as usual, I pulled (mostly) through.  I am too stubborn to be swallowed up by it for too long. Fact.

Now we are in a fairly shiny-and-new year, things are better. I am still out of work, but I have returned to school.   I am doing some academic upgrading through SAIT with a longer goal of returning to do a really-real program once I have improved some of my grades.  It’s a crazy awesome thing that happened on a whim at the end of December.  I just thought “Fuck it, why not?” and submitted my application.   Like I said, its crazy, but it is awesome! I am only two weeks into the semester and so far, so good.  I am taking English (which I love), Chemistry (which I think I love) and Math (which I am trying love).  I am learning things everyday and I could not be happier about it.  Learning is the BEST.  And honestly? It’s probably the main thing that yanked me out of my portable hole of angst.  So, its cool.

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The Revenant: First Trailer

Speaking of my Tom Hardy, lookit, the first trailer for The Revenant!

The trailer kinda stresses me out. I’m not sure why. Probably because of the panting in voiceover. It just causes me stress.  Still, I can’t wait to see this flick.  It also stars my Leonardo DiCaprio and was filmed around Calgary. We have super sexy mountains.  Fact.

New Legend Trailer!

New Legend trailer! A lot of stuff from the other trailer, but I don’t think Christopher Eccleston was in the last one.  Looks like it is opening in the States in early October so hopefully that means Canada will get it then too.

Ronnie is awesome.

Gifts out of SDCC – Part 1

Unless you are living under a rock, you are probably aware that this week is the San Diego Comic Con.  I give you advanced warning that my blog may be riddled with SDCC goodness over the next few days. I can’t be there (maybe next year?!?) so this is my way of drowning my sorrows for my lack of in-person nerd fun over the next few days.

Today’s entries? Some Doctor Who and Sherlock goodness!

Doctor Who Series 9 Teaser Trailer:

Looks like the premiere will be September 19th! Let’s hope this is a world wide premiere date and not just our friends in the UK.

Sherlock: A First Look at the Xmas Special:

Legend: Official Trailer #2

Sweet holy bajezzus, this flick is going to kill me. It is going to be so amazing.  Even if it ends up being the shittiest film in the history of shitty films, it will be STILL amazing because my Tom Hardy is playing two characters – two very different characters.  So, on that merit alone, it wins everything.

And Ronnie is already my favourite.

New Episode Up!

Oh yah, last weekend, I finally finished editing the latest episode of CHICKS on FLICKS. You can check it out (and you should!) by clicking the image below.  Admittedly, we do go a bit off the rails at the end and surprisingly not because of my Tom Hardy.  But I think its a fun episode. And really, if AvD and I aren’t amusing ourselves, what’s the point?

Then go give us some love, m’kay?

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road
On Saturday afternoon, I managed to squeeze in a matinee with some of my favourite humans.

I know there is a lot of discussion about how feminist and how there is a lack of misogyny in the flick which is absolutely fantastic and 100% true!  But, more importantly, from the start of the flick to the very end, it is a Mad Max flick.  Except only prettier than its predecessors.

Fundamentally, at its core, the Mad Max flicks are road movies.  They are all about big cars and big trucks, crazy cars and crazy trucks, and a whole lotta smashy-smashy of same.  Its about the desolation of society with stark, challenging landscapes.  Its also about a solitary man who helps people in spite of himself.   That’s it.  Mad Max has never been about complicated story lines, ambiguous villians, or changing the world.  It’s just big dumb fun.  And Mad Max: Fury Road is no exception.  It fits absolutely perfectly into the world of that George Miller created back in the 1970s.  To me, there was only really two changes improvements in this new installment.

1. The treatment of female characters has radically changed from the original film or even The Road Warrior.  There is narry a rape to be seen anywhere in this flick! [slow clap, George Miller, slow clap] Plus, Charlize Theron‘s character, Imperator Furiosa, is amazing. Just amazing.  In fact, I really believe that it is her film moreso than Max’s.   And everyone knows how I feel about the gentleman who plays Max. He’s really a supporting character in this film – the audience foothold into the flick. And can we talk about the scene when Max and Furiosa are kicking the shit out of each other? Probably my favourite scene.  Now, I don’t think Fury Road is going to change Hollywood or anything.  But its treatment of its female characters is a step in the right direction.

2. The cinematography is absolutely stunning. This is a BEAUTIFUL flick.    The palette (warm reds, yellows, and browns) is gorgeous.  I felt dusty sitting in the theatre.  Certainly much, MUCH prettier than the previous films.  So that’s always a plus for me.

I should probably mention my Tom.  He was great as Max. He wasn’t trying to be Mel Gibson. He brought his own shit to the role and he filled it exactly how I thought he would.  As always, he is awesome. Oh, this goes without saying, but man, he’s pretty. 😉

Overall, I dug the flick.  After 30 years, it was well worth the wait. George Miller did a great job of reigniting his franchise.   The same can not be said for other franchises that I love.

Now, bring on Mad Max: The Wasteland!

Three Days!

Guys!  Three days!

I don’t have tickets yet and I am not actually seeing it on opening night!


But mark my words, I will see it before the weekend is out though!

And yeah, yeah, I am resurrecting my blog. Mostly to cull my Facebook activities, I post too much and spend too much time thrusting my epic nerdiness upon my friends list.  Now I have this space to heap all of that junk on. And perhaps an original idea or two.  But I’m not holding my breath on that one and you probably shouldn’t either. 😉

Let’s hope I don’t accidentally delete all of the entries, archives and design files this time.