The Overcommitment Monster

I have been debating it for a while, but I am going to retire from props. Well at least temporarily. I need a sabbatical I think. It just doesn’t provide me with the same joy as it used to. Now, don’t get me wrong, when I am building awesome props (like I did for She Kills Monsters – which opens on Friday! Go see it!), I am in the zone and I completely love it. It exercises my problem solving and creative muscles. But prop induced stress, managing props, making props lists, figuring out rehearsal props, working on props budgets, etc. etc. aggravates and bores the shit out of me.  Ugh, I dislike it so much.

Plus, I am overcommitting myself in general. After this season is done, I will have worked on five (possibly six) shows as well as being FRC’s Inventory Director, co-producing FRC Season Launch Gala and designing next season’s show posters. It’s a lot.  And as I am finally learning, way too much.

Next season will be different.  It has to be if my plan for going back to school full-time in the winter semester comes to fruition. Sacrifices will need to be made. The first two will be props and the number of shows I am willing to commit to next season.  Right now, the magic number is three (doing things that aren’t props).  That’s considerably less than what I have done in recent years; however, it’s a necessity. I am starting to burn out which isn’t awesome. I just need to remind myself that I don’t need to do ALL OF THE THINGS – even if a show or project is awesome. It’s ok to just be an audience member. That’s going to be a challenge for me, but one I am determined to meet head on.

In other news, this video is amazing. I can’t wait for May 6th!

Oh, and for those keeping track (or ya know, following me on Tumblr), yes, I am still obsessed with Chris Evans and his magical beard.  Seriously, that beard is DIVINE .

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