The X-Files Revival Trailer

The trailer for the X-Files revival dropped yesterday. Well, a longer one.

I finally watched it. And while I am not 100% sold on the revival, I have a tiny amount of excitement – if only for the words “We have a small problem” (chills!!!)  and that cigarette wielding hand.

So here’s the thing. I love the X-Files.  Well, 1990s X-Files.  I have seen every single episode of the original series a multitude of times.  I watched the original flick.  I faithfully watched very short-lived The Lone Gunmen series. One of my most prized possessions is a photo of myself with William B. Davis*. Hell, unlike a lot of folks, I even genuinely loved Agent John Doggett when Robert Patrick came on the show to replace Duchovny.

But when the show jumped the shark with the awful Mulder/Scully romance-y business… and that kid… It made me so angry.  Ask AvD.  I still rage when she brings up the X-Files.  I never, not-once ‘shipped Mulder/Scully and it annoyed (continues to annoy?) the piss out of me when other people did and when Chris Carter ended up doing it? Well, I was so MAD!

When the show ended, it was bittersweet.  I missed the show, but I had grown so disenchanted with the two lead characters (especially when Mulder came back) that I wasn’t sad to see it go.  And my annoyance was so powerful that I flat out REFUSED to see the flick that came out in 2008.  I figured it was a cash grab. And I, in fact, still haven’t seen it.

Now, I am slowly warming to the idea of a new series. Very slowly. Like tortoise pace.  And its not because I particularly care about Mulder and Scully – cuz I don’t. At all. Its more the other characters that I miss. With the promise of Cancer Man, Skinner and my Lone Gunmen making appearances (Uhm, Krycek? Please?), I am thawing on my No-X-Files reboot hardline and may actually watch it in January.

But I’ll tell you this…. one smoochy between Mulder and Scully? And we will be friends off again! 😉

*CSM and Krycek are my favourites and will always be my favourites. 


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