Uhm, Heathers the Musical..?!


It’s confessional time!

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE Heathers the film.  I will thunderdome anyone who says anything negative about it because it is so much a part of my existence (I am look at you, DR! 😉 ) And I adore the music from the musical.  I am very excited to be a part of the production that Cappuccino Theatre is putting on early next year.  So, in spite of not seeing the stage production yet, there is already much love for this musical.

But then….

I started watching a bootleg version of the original stage production on the Youtubes.

Friends, I can not tell a lie. I am barely into Act I and I am BORED TO DEATH (no pun intended).  The characterizations are weird – especially Veronica. She is more of a bubblehead that I am comfortable with. The blocking and choreography are so boring (especially given the source material). And the stagecraft? Ugh, it is so visually dull and uninspiring.  I mean, they got the Heathers-Cubed and Veronica colour palette right, but that’s about it.

And don’t get me started on JD. Just don’t.

I feel bad saying that it is boring or anything negative – especially since the music is so amazing and its, well, Heathers.  But man. It hurts my brain and my soul.

On the flipside, this just means that our version is going to be FRICKING amazing in comparison.  Especially given who is on our team. Most of the people on the team couldn’t make an ugly, boring, or uninspiring show if their lives depended on it, so, yah, it will be rad.   That fills me with hope.

Because, that original production…. dang.


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