Gifts Out of SDCC – Part 3

Welp, SDCC is over for another year.  A whole bunch of other stuff came out, but most of it was really shitty pirated videos of the trailers.  I am looking at you, X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool and Suicide Squad. I will post ’em when we get legit versions.

But we did get the following:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:

I have a feeling Batfleck is going to be my favourite Batman.   I love crusty, grumpy and old Batman. Also, Jeremy Irons is Alfred!??! Mind. Blown.  Also, not enough of my Diana… typical.


The Killing Joke:

They also announced that Bruce Timm will be making an animated version of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke which makes me so happy. Bruce Timm is my favourite and The Killing Joke is a quintessential part of the Batman, Batgirl/Oracle canon. Mark Hamill must voice the Joker and Kevin Conroy must voice Batman. That would be PERFECT.

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