Orphan Black Finale [Spoilers]

Orphan Black

So that Orphan Black season finale, History Yet To Be Written.

Man. It was a doozy.   I’m only going to touch on a few things.  I’ll leave it to the pros to dissect the episode and its ramifications for next season.

I will say this though, I am probably the only person in the fandom who could care less about what happened to Delphine.   I have never been interested (or invested) in her as a character.  For me, the only interesting thing about her was her relationship with Cosima and that has more to do with Cosima than it had to do with Delphine.  Is she dead? Who knows.  It wasn’t a head shot, it was a gut shot and as our friend Mr. White tells us But it takes a long time to die from it, I’m taking days… you’re gunna wish you were dead, but it takes a long time to die from your wound, time is on your side….” So maybe she isn’t dead – she probably isn’t.

Honestly, I am more interested in who pulled the trigger.  A part of me is really hoping for an offshoot of the Castor project and we will have ourselves our very own Paul clones (I miss you, Dylan Bruce!)  But that is just wishful thinking and residual angst from the death of Paul – which I DID care about. Still so, so sad. If Delphine is truly gone (doubtful), I feel bad for Cosima, but that’s really about it.  Does that make me a heartless bitch? 😉 It probably does.

If we are going to talk about ‘ships on the show, let’s talk about absolute glee I felt when the garage door opened up and Helena was reunited with her Jesse Towing?  Good on you, Donnie Hendrix, good on you!

Speaking of Helena, the Rudy/Helena cage garage match was amazing.   But the awesome was less about the brutality of either killer, and more about the quiet moments, like when they are both lying on the floor just before Rudy dies.  It was heartbreaking.  It made me want to punch both Tatania Maslany and Ari Millen in the faces.  It was so good! But I am pleased that Mark is still around (at least for the time being) and we aren’t completely out of Castors yet.

And Ferdinand! I am so pleased that they brought James Frain back.  I just adore him in everything he does. His response to the Neolutionists was fantastic.  And the idea of an alliance between Ferdinand and the seestras is amazing.

But the biggest takeaway from this episode? GUYS!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THE WORMS??!

No new episodes until 2016.  Too long to wait, man, too long.  But upside? Perhaps all of those people that I have been extolling the virtues of Orphan Black to will finally start watching this amazing show.  Seriously, its probably one of the best things on teevee right now.  And its Canadian grown. So yay us!

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