Anything Goes… It Really Does


Anything Goes

After an arduous* tech week, my last show of the 2014-2015 season is open! We opened on June 12th and with each performance, it just keeps on getting better and better.

Its a very ambitious show.  Every single piece of it was put together in a spectacular way.  From the set, props, set decoration, set paint to the lights and sound to costumes, hair, makeup, to the direction, choreography and music.  And above all, the performances of my beloved cast and band which make all of the other stuff come alive.

Each piece of this epic puzzle work together in a fantastic mish-mash of awesome.  And I am not even saying that because I am astoundingly biased! 😉 Its just an awesome show. Period.  And if you are in the neighbourhood, you really should come see it. It’s opened until June 27th!

Now that Anything Goes is open, I can start looking forward to next season.  I am officially doing five shows next season in 2015-2016.  And it will be amazingly varied from scenic illustration, to my good ol’ props/set dec standard, to producing (again) and assistant directing TWO shows.  The diversity of next season will be fantastic. I am pretty eager to stretch my skills and abilities. Especially the assistant directing gigs. I am going to be mentored by two of my favourite humans – JZ and CB. I know I will learn a lot from both of them. And with any luck, it will kick start my desire to direct my own show in the future (we need more lady directors in our community, we really do).

Oh and then there’s the little summer project that I was recruited for last night.  I am co-producing a feature-length indie film (!!!) with another one of my favourite humans, KM. But that’s all that I can really say about that right now. I’m sure I will be able to divulge more as the summer and project progresses.  And really, I am just excited because it is such a different thing from producing a theatre show and being such a film nerd, well, it’s rad.  It’s a bit terrifying, but kind of awesome.  And hell, anyone who knows me knows that I always like to do stuff that scares me a bit, so this is right up my alley.

*Well, just from a human perspective.  There were some struggles. The actual tech and week were amazing.

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