Podcast Editor Fail

I am the worst podcast editor in the history of podcast editors.

Well, maybe not. But close.

I have been sitting on an episode of CHICKS on FLICKS for far, far, far too long.  The episode in question was recorded on April 2nd.  And I. Still. Haven’t. Finished. Editing. It.  And because of this, we haven’t posted new content since March 31st. Uuuuuugh. Neerrrrrgh. Blllllargh.

To make matters worse, we have even recorded our next, NEXT episode which AvD will probably be finished editing this weekend.   I am so tardy and really piss-poor at time management sometimes.

Now, to be fair, several Saturdays ago, I had actually gotten through three quarters of the episode and it was going awesome.  I was editing while imbibing several glasses of wine (ok, a bottle and a half – don’t judge me!) Normally it was no big as this is a usual practice for me since editing can be such a slough.   Only this time, after eight hours of editing, the worst thing happened.  I managed to delete the entire edited podcast on one fell swoop.  Do not ask me how.  I still don’t know.  There was much cursing, yelling and perhaps a frustrated tear or two.  It was not great.

Fast forward several weeks, and I have barely even touched the thing.  Primarily because my schedule has been fubar’d because I am in the middle of a show.   But! I will get the damn thing edited this week – if it kills me.  I just need to figure out a way to squeeze it into my schedule. :/  Between going to a show on Friday, Mad Max glory on Saturday, some production and tech scheduling meetings, a stumblethrough, and trying to take my Female Parental Unit out for a belated Mother’s Day brunch, it could be tricksy.  :/

Thankfully, AvD has been extremely gracious and patient about my abysmal editing turnaround and schedule. She hasn’t bugged me once, but I know I probably can’t put it much further. Especially if she gets her editing done before me. 😉

And for something completely unrelated, here are two awesome trailers dropped yesterday to make up for that piece of shit Jem trailer:

Crimson Peak:


Both look really awesome. Especially the latter. I was surprised how much I liked it. It’s about time we had a solo female superhero… anything.  Can’t wait.

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